Friday, May 23, 2008

Things I Am Freaking Out About: Three Weeks to Go

1. The reception site is much smaller than I'd anticipated. Fire safety rated for 79 people on each of the two floors. Which, with our estimated guest count of 150, is a problem. I'm currently praying for nice weather so we can use the deck outside for additional seating and room without being all squished in together. And trying not to think about it at all is also currently a method of choice for dealing with the panic.

2. Still haven't taken my dress in for alterations, though pretty much all it needs is a bustle.

3. After last meeting with minister, decided to construct our own ceremony since I didn't really like the available options. Mostly complete, but now needs approval before I can start trying to create programs.

4. Trying to write my own half of our vows. Andrew whipped his out in about fifteen minutes, but I'm struggling to find the right words in a small amount of time to use. Also want to print in program so relatives with hearing problems don't feel left out, so kinda running out of time.

5. 21 days to go=no time to order things for the wedding unless it's a rush order. Pretty much. May still attempt ring bowl and cute, but non-personalized, napkins.

6. Sat down with Andrew and ordered gifts for groomsmen yesterday. Still working on parents and bridesmaid gifts, since cheesy useless somethings seem options. After a frustrated evening starting thinking photo frames would be sufficient...note to self: try to stay away from photo frame gifts.

7. Since reception site is smaller than anticipated, now also looking for chair and table rental company. Hopefully people RSVP or else they may not have actual seats at the reception.

8. I have decided, with three weeks to go, that I would like someone else to plan my wedding so I can just show up and have a good time. Admittedly, this is far too late for such a decision and leads only to more misery as I further procrastinate the things I need to get done.

9. Must give Andrew nearly daily reminders to call people (ie. groomsmen, church people, etc.) to make sure that we will actually have music for the wedding as well as men in tuxes at the front. Doesn't really think about what still needs to be done, but is willing to do any tasks I assign to just takes time to make lists of what I need him to do that I don't necessarily have.

10. Figuring out insurance is a pain in the neck.


Linda said...

Can you hire a coordinator to help out with these last minute tasks? Or a reliable friend to help out?

Aimee said...

Cheesy as it feels, I actually wouldn't mind a picture frame. Rob and I just had professional pictures taken, and I don't have anything to put them in. (I like way too practical of gifts)