Thursday, April 10, 2008

At Last, It Works!

Don't they look good together? The interplay of colors, cohesiveness in theme? The way they are strangely entertaining?

The Hershey's Kiss stamps are no longer on the website, but that did give me an incentive to order the homage to Yoda for our invitations when the website finally let me order this afternoon.

I even called Andrew to confirm that it was okay to order Yoda instead of the Tiffany stamp that I've been using for all my other mail for the past year, but he was as enamored of the idea as I was.

Love him, I do.


Anonymous said...

Only you guys would put Star Wars stamps on your wedding invitations. Giggling a bit I am. :)

<3 mary p.

"Apes" said...

I so wanted to do that! But being the anal person that I am, I went for the 41 cent and 58 cent stamps since our invitations cost 97 cents.

Go Yoda!!!